Surfing together to Financial Freedom

Long term partner – not a one-night stand.

What we do


You are on a mission. Avadeo makes pre-seed round investment alongside other angel investors or funds.


The entrepreneur is riding the wave. Avadeo invests minority stakes in preferably profitable small and medium-sized businesses. 


Avadeo is an active investor. We want to bring into the table our experience in fundraising, M&A, corporate structuring and generation changes.

About Us

Avadeo is a Finnish investment company investing in Finnish unlisted companies. Avadeo makes also portfolio investment to listed securities, digital assets and real estate.


We help to spot the right wave to ride, so that the entrepreneur can shine. 


Our mission is to surf together to financial freedom and along the enrich the Finnish society and nature.

Family office approach

Avadeo is a Finnish investment company held by attorney Johan Hägerström. Hägerström has more than 10 years of experience in the legal profession and has been involved in some of largest Finnish corporate acquisitions and structurings during the last decade. Hägerström has been working as an M&A tax advisor, in-house legal counsel, and attorney at one of the leading Finnish law firms. Currently Hägerström operates his own legal practice.

Focus on the bigger wave

We aim to invest at least 20% of our profits into Finnish forests that are free to grow without clear-cutting – some call these carbon sinks.